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Grotta is a contemporary art space in South West Spain —in the middle of Sierra de Aracena Natural Park, providing residencies for visual artists, makers, photographers, designers, musicians, writers,  researchers and all other types of creative practitioners.

Grotta is a place for research and experimentation; these are the pillars of our philosophy. With our Residency Programme we welcome artists and researchers to develop, alone or with collaborators, their own large or small scale projects.


Residents may take advantage from all the Grotta’s facilities for work and accommodation, from its 200 m2 fully equipped studio to the beauty of the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park; from the Gruta de las Maravillas, an underground treasure just 15 meters away from the house; from its technical and curatorial support as well as its network of international professionals and craftsmen in the region; and overall its expertise in organizing exhibitions and many other cultural activities with international institutions and artists.

Gruta de las maravillas, estalactitas


Aracena is a typical Andalusian village, with whitewashed houses contrasting against the green landscape of the mountains. Its town centre, an official Property of Cultural Interest. The built heritage of Aracena is notable for its fortifications, including the castle and many churches and monasteries. There is also an interesting outdoor Museum of Contemporary Art.

Under the mountain you can find a hidden treasure: a natural cave where you can enter a world of fantasy. Gruta de las Maravillas (las Maravillas grotto) is one of the largest caves in Spain, and is amazingly beautiful inside. It includes twelve underground chambers, six lakes, and countless stalactites and stalagmites.

Grotta AIR was built right next to the entrance of this wonderful cave. The residency is placed in a perfect spot: a lively street during the morning with many restaurants around but very calm in the evening and only 50 meters away from the forest. You can hike to the castle or just choose one of the many hiking routes to go for a walk. Near the town you will find pasture, a river, a lake, and an unpolluted fauna and flora. 

Casa Aracena en la calle pozo de la nieve


artist studio Grotta AIR

Grotta's aim is to support the development of ideas and the production of new work, by offering comfortable, self-catering, accommodation and workshop and study space for experimentation, development and creativity.

Grotta offers a broad range of materials available for the residents. Please, find here the Materials list.

Our 200 m2 studio is open 24/7, including a toilet and a little tea space. You can also relax in our common areas. 

Although is not mandatory, Grotta encourages artists to show their artworks or to host a final presentation of the work at the studio. We can also find other exhibition spaces depending on the project. 

Need help funding your residency?

You may be able to fund your residency by applying for a grant from your local arts council. We are happy to help you with your application. Contact us for more information about grants and funding.

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