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Our residency program is designed to provide the ideal environment for research and artistic creation while in direct contact with a natural setting. Depending on your situation, we offer three different options:


 1. Residency for an individual artist.

 2. Collective (no more than 2 artists). 

 3. Artist +1*


* As an artist-run residency, we launch a pioneering work-life balance program for those who want to bring along one family member or partner to the residency. Our 2023 program is focused on collective practices and we will give priority to Artist+1 applications.


 Grotta AIR was built right next to the entrance of Gruta de las maravillas, one of the largest caves in Spain, and is amazingly beautiful inside. The residency is placed in a perfect spot: a lively street during the morning with many restaurants around but very calm in the evening and only 50 meters away from the forest. Grotta is a typical andalusian house: in the first floor you will find the living area and the studio is located in the ground floor. They are independent spaces but there is also an indoor access.  

We are able to provide a single room with a desk and workspace for one person, a double room for couples with a desk or two different rooms for collectives so the members don’t need to share the bedroom space.

The kitchen is located on the second floor of the house. You can cook your own meals and use the kitchen supplies and equipment. Sometimes residents share meals with the team. Grotta is a friendly place, so we invite all the residents to attend a welcome dinner/farewell party organized by the staff. 


There are several supermarkets and grocery stores in town. There is also a local market where you can find fresh organic food.

You can also find art supplies and other materials. There are book shops, stationary's shop, hardware stores and many carpenters and artisans in town.

Aracena is a lively town with many cultural activities in summer but still calm for those who want to focus on their work. 


Our 200 m2 studio is open 24/7, including a toilet and a little tea space. Grotta offers a broad range of materials available for the residents.You can check the Grotta AIR Materials List to know more about what we can offer you during your stay.

It is possible to work outside in the park as well, just 20m. away from the house. Artists are responsible for supplying their own materials.


What do we offer?


Accomodation in a typical andalusian house in the heart of Sierra de Aracena Natural Park

15 m. away from Gruta de las Maravillas

50 m. away from the forest

Lively in the morning and very calm in the evening

200 m2 fully equiped workspace 

24h access for residents

Our workshop offers all kinds of tools to work with wood, metal, ceramics and many other materials. We also have machinery which can be used under the guidance of our technician.

Technical and curatorial support. The team will be happy to help residents to find technical solutions as well as providing curatorial support and mentoring.

Network of international professionals and craftsmen in the region. 

Exhibition space and expertise in organizing many other cultural activities with international institutions and artists.

Institutional support in case you need a letter of acceptance in order to get a grant or a visa

towards the resident


Grotta invites residents to present themselves and their work to the local community. The Residency also offers a possibility to teach a public workshop, to perform or make an exhibition during the residency. But none of the above is mandatory and we will discuss this matter with every artist personally.

Download General Guidelines

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