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Who & What


Grotta, an artist run residency

Grotta is an artist-run platform that develops spaces for research and contemporary creation. 

Grotta was created first as a shared studio and private storage for its founder, but It has been growing since its foundation, providing space for other artists and events. We have been testing our capability to host residents, asking them to improve the quality of our services. As a team, we believe that all artists and researchers we host are an active part of our platform. 


Founder, Artistic direction

María Alcaide

Curator, Production manager

Eladio Aguilera


Gina García

Our Aims & Objectives

Support the development of ideas and the production of new work, by offering comfortable, self-catering, accommodation and workshop and study space for experimentation, development and creativity.


Offer a relaxed and beautiful meeting place for national and international working partnerships to develop.


Create a social atmosphere which encourages interdisciplinary feedback or collaboration between contemporary artists, designers, photographers, writers, screenwriters and other creative professionals.


Host events including workshops, talks and presentations by invited specialists, so residents and other visitors to Grotta can gain knowledge from other’s expertise.


Contribute and support Sierra de Aracena and the surrounding region’s cultural calendar, in order to increase its current creative offerings and support the local economy, and, in so doing, help in improving quality of life for our neighbors.


Develop funding opportunities from foundations, trusts and individuals and continue to cultivate partnerships with other funding bodies, organizations and societies who can offer fees and cover other costs to selected visitors.

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