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Política de envío

Fees & Support

The residency fee is intended to cover the general cost of running the programme and the maintenance of the space. We do not offer grants, stipends or other economical support. We are happy to assist artists seeking grants or other forms of funding in their home country/institution, by providing letters of recommendation when the candidature is accepted.


Grotta's fee for 2 weeks is 850€. For collectives and artist+1 programme the price for 2 weeks is also 850€. Is requested a deposit of 200€ when the applicant receives acceptance of the candidature. 

Política de devoluciones

Reservation and cancellation policy

Security deposit 

Check-in and check-out

In order to guarantee your participation in the Artistic Residencies Program of Grotta we request the payment of 200€ before your stay. This payment is a guarantee of participation in our Artistic Residencies Program. The remaining amount must be paid one month before your arrival. To cancel or change your Artistic Residency, please email us at In case of cancellation, 100% of the reservation amount will be refunded for cancellations made up to 8 weeks before the date of entry, and 50% of the reservation amount for cancellations made up to 6 weeks before the date of entry. Changing the booking date is only possible up to 8 weeks before the check-in date. No date changes or returns are made for cancellations made less than 10 days in advance or during 

the Artistic Residency. If the Artistic Residency Program is canceled by Grotta due to majeure reasons, 100% of the registration fee will be returned.

We ask all residents for a one-time refundable deposit. There are a lot of materials/equipment that can be broken or damaged around the house and in the Ateliers. The deposit must be paid before your arrival to the village and will be refunded before your departure if:

• no damages are verified in the accommodation and the atelier; 

• Accommodation and Atelier’s garbage and recycling bin have been collected and placed in their respective Eco point near the house; 

• Every requested material is returned without damage or evident wear; 

• Accommodation and Atelier’s dishes and tools are washed; 

• Accommodation and Atelier’s keys are returned.

Check-in from 3 pm.

Check-out until 12 am.

Métodos de pago

Payment methods

Payment can be only made via bank transfer. You will receive an e-mail with our bank details.


Residency programme


Kitchen / food

Living room / Dining room

Common areas
Patio / Terrace



Expectations towards
the resident

and technical advice

All you need to know before your arrival to prepare for your stay. Day-to-day rules and regulations of your residency program. Overall facilities and possibilities.


Our residency program is designed to provide the ideal environment for artistic creation while in direct contact with a natural setting. Depending on your situation, we offer three different options:


 1. Residency for an individual artist.

 2. Collective (no more than 2 artists). 

 3. Artist +1*


* As an artist-run residency, we launch a pioneering work-life balance program for those who want to bring along one family member or partner to the residency. Our 2023/2024 program is focused on collective practices and we will give priority to Artist+1 applications.

We are able to provide a single room with a desk and workspace for one person, a double room for couples with a desk or two different rooms for collectives so the members don’t need to share the bedroom space.

Bedroom for artists
bedroom for researchers

The kitchen is located on the second floor of the house. You can cook your own meals and you will have your own space in the fridge. You can also use the kitchen supplies and equipment but must respect the shared space by keeping it clean and organized. 

Sometimes residents share meals with the team, but It’s not mandatory. Grotta is a friendly place, so we invite all the residents to attend a welcome dinner/farewell party organized by the staff. 

There are several supermarkets and grocery stores in town. There is a local market where you can find fresh organic food.

The dining and living room area is located as well on the second floor of the house. Residents must respect the shared space by keeping it clean and organized.

Residents are invited to enjoy the patio and the terrace. Common areas are open 24h. Some bedrooms have direct access to the patio. In order to respect the local inhabitants’ need for a peaceful sleep, please keep silent after 23.00h.

The residency provides toilet paper and soap at no additional cost. We provide extra towels. We provide washing machine for clothes. The water is heated. 

Our 200 m2 studio is open 24/7, including a toilet and a little tea space. Grotta offers a broad range of materials available for the residents.You can check the Grotta AIR Materials List to know more about what we can offer you during your stay.

It is possible to work outside in the park as well, just 20m. away from the house. Artists are responsible for supplying their own materials.

Grotta invites residents to present themselves and their work to the local community. The residency also offers a possibility to teach a public workshop, to perform or make an exhibition during the residency. But none of the above is mandatory and we will discuss this matter with every resident personally.

Grotta's aim is to support the development of ideas and the production of new work, by offering comfortable, self-catering, accommodation and workshop and study space for experimentation, development and creativity.The team will be happy to help residents to find technical solutions as well as providing curatorial support and mentoring. 

general guidelines

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