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Silke Weissbach

Silke Weißbach is a German multi-media artist that works at the intersection of materiality and technology. She is interested in disclosing analogies between the realities, we navigate, and our representation within based on transdisciplinary material research.


Combining practices taken from craft, mysticism, and techno-culture, Weißbach creates volatile and fluid topologies in the form of leaking fluids, disintegrating textures, and ephemeral structures expanding through time, space, and materiality both in the natural and virtual realms.


Her material investigations place the natural against the synthetic, ranging from vegetables and plants to flour, salt, sugar, soap, silk, silicone, plastic, washing powder, fabric softener, wax, water, wine, fire, and glass. She engages with them in a process of transformation using a form of alchemy and chemistry to redefine their structural existence and physical identity.


Weißbach finished her Master’s in Painting at the Royal College of Art in 2020. Recent Exhibition includes RCA2020, Bargehouse, London, Materias Incertas, Cultural Centre de Lagos, Portugal, 50/50, Fold Gallery, London, Homegrown, Hauser and Wirth (online). She currently lives and works between London and Berlin. She will be a future resident at Duplex Air and Pada Studios in Lissabon in 2022 and 2023.


20_08_2022 / Ermita de San Pedro (Aracena)


With Orlando, Silke Weißbach presents a new sound and video installation staged in the old Ermita de San Pedro in Aracena, Spain. Orlando is dedicated to the potential in material evolution representing ways of individuality in time and space of social consciousness. 


The work consists of an evolutionary animation made from a series of AI-generated images based on diverse poetic image descriptions of the appearance of corals – a research project Weißbach is currently working on. For the installation, she collaborated with the Artist Sijiang Cheng (China) to develop short sound fragments to encounter the video work. In addition, Weißbach will present a new floor sculpture consisting of various fine and slim porcelain shapes produced during the two-week residency here at Grotta Air.

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